Owl Promotion – Get 50% Off Your First Month for New Clients!

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Are you ready to get a kickstart for 2019? If you want to set yourself up for success in the new year starting right now, this promotion is for you!

Rather than wait for the inevitable year-end crunch, you can get started with Owl at a discount right now. Sign up for a paid Owl plan before November 27th, 2018 and get 50% off your first month!

Whether your practice is new or long established, there are continuous improvements you can make to run a more efficient and profitable operation. At Owl, we understand that one of the most challenging things a person can do is start their own business—and that’s no different for therapists, psychologists, and social workers than it is for any other entrepreneur. Running a mental health practice means that you’re operating a small business and that requires a tremendous amount of courage, preparation, and capital to get started, as well as ongoing organization and management to streamline your processes.

Even if your primary goal is to help people rather than make a profit, that profit is how you keep your doors open. In the early days of your practice, you need two things. One, you need to save every penny you can to keep your practice going until it can eventually start generating a profit. And two, you need a practice management solution that will keep appointments, patients, billing, and your notes organized and secure.

Owl Practice wants to help with both of these things. Our practice management solution is perfect for mental health practices of all sizes. And there’s no better time to get started than right now, with our 50% off sale on our services from November 6th to the 27th!

Features and Editions

We offer a number of Owl Practice editions, depending on your practice’s needs.

The Lite edition is normally $40 a month (Now $20 for the first month) and features up to 20 sessions per month, appointment scheduling, reminders and confirmations, a sophisticated billing tool, clinical notes, and 1GB worth of document uploads. This package might be perfect for a new practice just starting with few patients.

Our Standard edition is normally $60 a month ($30 for the first month with this offer) and includes everything in the Lite package, but also with unlimited sessions a month and 2GB of document uploads.

Our Premium edition is $80 a month ($40 for the first month with this offer) and includes everything in the Standard package, but also comes with access to our Client Portal. There, your patients will have access to online intake and consent forms (a huge timesaver for you) and our online booking features where they can book their own appointments.

Finally, our Group edition starts at $120 a month ($60 for the first month until November 27th) and is perfect for a group practice. It includes everything in the Standard edition, along with 4GB of document uploads, a multi-therapist calendar, tailored access by user type, and a therapist level fee schedule. You can also add the Client Portal to the Group package for an additional fee.

Security Features

No matter the size of your practice, security is absolutely vital. You’re working with sensitive personal information every day, and that needs to be protected from cybercriminals and accidental data loss.

Owl Practice keeps all of your sensitive data on Canadian servers, guaranteeing that they’re protected by Canadian privacy laws (some of the strongest in the world). This data is stored safely with bank-level encryption (SSL) and is continuously backed up, so you’ll never be without your data. Owl Practice is also fully PHIPA and College compliant, ensuring your patients’ privacy and rights when it comes to their confidential data.

Alongside all of these security features, we want you to feel fully supported as an Owl Practice client. If you have any problems at all, you can call our customer support, open seven days a week, for immediate assistance!

Get Started Now

If you’re a new user to Owl Practice, all you have to do is sign up for one of our editions by November 27th to receive a full 50% off your first month. This applies to all of our packages, including Lite, Standard, Premium, and Group. (This promotion cannot be combined with any other Owl Practice offer.)

The early bird may get the worm, but the early owl gets the deal! If you want to make sure that you’ll be ready for 2019 with time to spare, sign up for Owl Practice today! With 50% off your first month, you’ll have a head start to make sure your next year is the most successful year your practice has ever had!

Click here to get started now!

As always,

Practice wisely


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