Group Practice

Alleviate the stress of administrative work that comes with running a private practice.
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How can Owl help Group Practitioners?

Multiple Therapist Calendar

Manage the schedules of all your therapists with our Multi-Therapist Calendar. Schedule sessions and manage room bookings for all your therapists in one place.

Therapist Level Fee Schedule

Customize and adjust the fee schedule for specific therapists in your group practice.

Office Admin Access

Free access for office admins so you can be supported with scheduling and billing. Hide your session notes from your admins if needed.

Tailored Access by User Type

Option to limit access to confidential client information for specific users with our custom user permissions feature.

Resources for Group Practitioners


The Ins & Outs of Bringing Your Clients With You When You Move to a Group Practice

Throughout the course of your career, you may move in and out of practice relationships, from working autonomously, to collectively as part of a group practice, then back to working alone again. You may wonder, what’s the best way to manage client information throughout these transitions?

Getting Started With Your Group Practice

We’re proud of Owl and what it does to help ease the stress of administrative work of running a private practice. Review this guide to ensure you configure your new Owl Group Edition account correctly.

See how Owl can help Group Practitioners

Let one of our experienced Customer Advocates take you on a customized demo and see how Owl might fit into your workflow.  
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