Video Therapy

Take your sessions online with Canada’s most secure and compliant teletherapy solution.

Embark on a Secure Teletherapy Journey

Owl Practice is the leader in fully PHI and College-Compliant video therapy for mental health in Canada.

Fortified Security

Owl Video Therapy complies with global data security standards, including PHIPA, PIPEDA, and HIA in Canada. Every Video Therapy session is encrypted, guaranteeing secure communication between you and your clients.

Couples and Family Sessions

Owl Video Therapy caters to the complexities of interpersonal dynamics and offers multi-person support for Couples and Family sessions, paving the way for transformative group therapy experiences.

Multi-Device Compatibility​

Our Video Therapy feature is compatible across devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets. Enjoy a seamless call experience, no matter where you are.


Fully Integrated with Owl​

Experience unparalleled efficiency with Owl Video Therapy, the only solution seamlessly integrated with Owl Practice. Our integrated approach streamlines your workflow, providing a user-friendly experience for both practitioners and clients.


Elevate your telehealth practice with Video Recording

Unlock the full potential of your video therapy offering with Owl’s enhanced Session Recording feature.

Video Recording at your Fingertips

We’ve designed Owl Video Recording with therapist supervision, education, and workshop needs in mind. Just hit record during any Owl Video Therapy session, and find your recording securely saved in Owl within 12 hours.

Flexible Subscription Options

Whether you’re a Solo practitioner or part of a Group plan, easily enhance your experience by adding the Video Recording feature. Easily tailor your storage needs with 5GB increments (10-12 sessions) at $19.99CAD/month, with the flexibility to increase capacity whenever it suits you.

Customizable Storage and Access

Take control of your clinic’s video recording capabilities from the Clinic Portal. Clinic owners can allocate storage, enable/disable recording for individual therapists, and monitor usage– all from one centralized hub.

User-Friendly Controls

Easily start and stop recording during a session. Clients are kept informed with a recording in progress alert, fostering transparency. Easily access to recorded sessions, with options to play, download, and manage storage directly from the Workflow section.

Take your sessions online with Canada’s most secure and compliant teletherapy solution.

More Owl Practice Features


Stay on top of your schedule so you can manage and plan your day to how you like it.

Client Portal

Reimagine the way you engage with your clients with our fully integrated client portal.

Clinical Records

Easily organize your client data, intake forms and invoices by digitizing your filing cabinet.

Security & Compliance

Protect your practice and client data with our industry-leading security features.

Get Started With Video Therapy Today

Let one of our dedicated Customer Advocates take you on a live video therapy demo and get the answers you need.
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