About Us

Mission & Vision

We’re focused on helping psychologists, social workers and therapists succeed in private practice.

We exist to empower psychologists, social workers, and therapists by:


We enable you to spend less time managing your practice and more time serving your clients.


We help you run a smarter, more efficient, and profitable practice by streamlining workflows and maximizing performance insight.


We create a secure digital repository of everything associated with your practice using a proven and reliable platform.


We make the entire end-to-end experience of running a private practice simple, fast, and joyful!

We envision a world where more people:

About Us

Behind Owl is a team of psychologists, therapists, engineers, designers, technologists and business managers who believe there is a better way to be in private practice. Everything they’ve learned about how to run a successful practice is built into the core of Owl so any clinician anywhere can leverage Owl’s world-class platform. And as a software-as-a-service offering, Owl keeps getting better every month.

Practice Wisely!

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