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Owl provides all the tools you need to make your practice successful. Use the simple interface to track everything from appointments to payments.

Manage your calendar from anywhere

More time practicing, less time managing

Easily manage your business so you can spend more time with clients

Securly store client progress notes

Comprehensive note-taking

Create secure session notes, upload documents, and archive with ease

Build for Canadian PHIPA compliance

PHIPA peace of mind

Bank-level encryption, secure client record management, automatic backups

Track your practice performance visually in real-time

Manage and optimize your business like a pro

Get paid faster and track your business more effectively

Access Owl from your iPhone, iPad or smartphone

Access anywhere on the device of your choice

From laptop to tablet, we’ve got you covered

We understand private practice in Canada

We’re Canadian owned with servers in Canada

No need to worry about the U.S Patriot Act as all data resides on servers in Canada

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. Spend more time doing things you want to do.

“Owl helps me to easily manage and keep track of invoicing, attendance, and clients' appointments. Owl is the perfect administrative sidekick!”

- Maria Teton, Broadview Psychology

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I'm not sure how I managed the admin end of my practice before Owl! I’ve been so impressed with your customer service, as well as ongoing upgrades and improvements based on feedback and suggestions.

Valarie T.

Social Worker / Therapist, ON

Owl truly is fantastic! It's streamlined my work and I'm no longer shuffling through pieces of paper looking for what I need. I also appreciate the constant upgrades! I would truly recommend Owl to anyone in this business.

Christine D.

Social Worker / Therapist, MB

Therapists find the system incredibly easy to use and intuitive. From a management point of view it frees me and our team up to focus on much more important issues. Great job guys as we're really benefiting from Owl.

Eric P.

Executive Director, Delton Glebe Counseling Centre, ON

I am finding Owl Practice indispensable. I don't know how I managed before I had it. And your service and responsiveness have been remarkable.

Dr. C

Psychologist, ON

I am a huge fan of the software and service. It has certainly made things easier and freed up a lot of time.

Dr. Sam M.

Psychologist, BC

I must say that I am enjoying the efficacy of Owl Practice immensely. Everything is so much quicker!

Sheila B.

Psychotherapist, ON

Owl is making life way easier! I often talk to other therapists about how awesome Owl is!

Megan R.

Social Worker, ON

Owl is really working for me. I absolutely love the program! I would be lost without it.

Dena M.

Counselor & Therapist, ON

Love it :)

Tammy S.

Psychologist & Clinic Director, AB

Owl has been valuable in allowing us to streamline and simplify our scheduling processes. It is user friendly and always functional. I wouldn't give it up!

Amelia Perri

Psychotherapist, Therapy Heals Inc.

Owl practice software has transformed our large private practice! Sharing of client files between our therapists is seamless. Our clinicians are able to quickly access client files from home while maintaining security of their data. As a business owner I can quickly track our financial status and Owl has solved my dilemma of needing to securely store hundreds of client files. Owl support staff immediately respond to support requests, are highly skilled teachers and are always interested in improving their system to better address our needs. I love Owl and the Owl team!

Amanda Bell

Social Worker, Amanda Bell & Associates

Why use a web-based practice management solution like Owl Practice?

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There are many reasons, but here are key benefits to web-based practice management:

Accessible Anywhere - There is a huge benefit to being able to access your practice data wherever you are, on the device of your choice. Owl supports all major operating systems (Mac, Windows/PC), mobile smartphone platforms (iOS, Android), and browsers (Chrome, Safari). So whether you’re on-the-go during the week, or on vacation half-way around the world, you can always stay connected to your practice data.

Everything in One Place - With Owl, you can securely store all your practice data in one centralized and secure practice management system. From client appointments to session notes, invoices to scanned documents, to-do management to appointment reminders, Owl let’s you manage your practice with ease!

Real-time Backups - With Owl, your data is continuously backed up, both across Owl’s servers and in multiple locations (Montreal + Toronto), so you never need to worry about losing your data. There’s no need for finicky backup hard-disks or difficult recoveries. Owl handles all that for you, and it brings a lot of peace-of-mind to you as a practice owner.

PHIPA and College Compliance - Owl is designed specifically to help your practice achieve PHIPA and College compliance. It avoids the need for you to maintain encrypted hard-drives and do routine backups. It also eliminates single-point-of-failure concerns that happen with standalone software solutions.

Continuous Improvements to Owl - Unlike downloadable software, the Owl practice management system continuously improves over time, with new richer features (e.g. our Notes Templates or Document Uploads features). There is no manual downloading necessary as all changes are updated automatically the next time you log in to Owl. It’s easy, always up-to-date, and it gets better with age!

All-In-One Fee - While a desktop-based software program may seem less expensive, it’s important to consider the total cost of ownership. Costs related to new versions, support, the IT support required for software installation / re-installation on new computers, and catastrophic costs like losing a hard drive or getting a virus are all avoided with a web-based solution. Many people choose a software-as-a-service solution like Owl Practice because it actually saves them money over time.

The Web-based Trend - Web-based practice management is expanding rapidly and this trend will continue. Most desktop-based solutions are fading quickly as there is a major move across the software industry to service-based software solutions (like Owl). There have already been traditional practice management tools that have “retired” in the wake of much more popular web-based solutions. One of the risks with downloadable software is the longevity of these products, and specifically the support that will be offered as this type of product diminishes in popularity.

Why should I choose Owl Practice as my practice management solution?

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There are many reasons, but here are the six most important reasons to choose Owl:

We understand private practice for mental health practitioners - Owl started because my partner in life, a clinical psychologist with a growing practice in Toronto, needed to simplify and organize her practice life. We looked around and didn’t find a great tool that would meet all our requirements (and we looked at many!), so we built Owl. Everything we’ve learned about how to succeed in private practice is built into Owl and available for other psychologists, social workers and other therapists so they can save time, get organized, and see more clients.

We’re Canadian and help you achieve PHIPA compliance - Being Canadian matters. As we were developing Owl, we consulted with many therapists, and we heard loud and clear that it was very important to them that their data reside on servers in Canada as a matter of PHIPA and College compliance. Our servers are located in Toronto and Montreal so you can be assured your practice data is securely stored in Canada, helping you achieve PHIPA compliance. We have extensive experience working with hundreds of psychologists, social workers and other therapists across Canada and are intimately familiar with what’s needed to run a successful mental health private practice in Canada.

We’ve got a world-class, user-friendly design - We’ve spent a lot of time and effort making sure that Owl is a simple-to-use, intuitive, and elegant system that is a pleasure to use. You’ll be using your practice management system every day, so it’s important that it works well and adds joy to your practice experience.

We’re highly recommended - Our customers love Owl and often refer us to their associates and colleagues. Our business is built on positive word-of-mouth and referrals, so being loved by our customers is critical. Thankfully, it happens a lot!

We care deeply about mental health - As our Mission says, and as we live out every day, we believe people need more access to mental health services. We’re here for Canada’s psychologists, social workers and therapists. Anything we can do at Owl Practice to make your life as a therapist easier will allow you to save time, see more clients and do the work you do. That’s a good thing and something we’re proud to support.

We have great customer service and care about your success - We know being in private practice is challenging, and that having a partner to help you be successful is important. Not only do we support you with attentive, one-on-one service, but we’re here to support you in any way possible on your journey in practice life!

Is Owl Practice easy to use?

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Yes. We've spent a lot of time to make sure Owl is easy-to-use and beautiful by design. You'll be spending a lot of time with your practice management solution, so we wanted to make it a delight to use each day. We continually receive positive feedback on the simplicity and elegance of our design - that it's beautiful and just easy to use. Try it - we know you'll agree.

Does Owl Practice enable PHIPA and College compliance for my practice?

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Yes. When consulting extensively with Canadian clinicians as we were designing and developing Owl Practice, we heard very clearly that therapists wanted to insure PHIPA and College (Psychology, Social Work, Psychotherapy) compliance, and thereby the privacy of their practice information. At Owl Practice, we go to great lengths to insure the security and privacy of all your practice data at all times using a variety of means to do so. These include operating dedicated servers in Toronto and Montreal, encrypting all communications between your device/browser and our servers, redundantly backing up your practice data frequently, enabling tiered user access for different user types (e.g. owners, office administrators, therapists), creating distinct and segregated databases for each account, and ensuring that personal information does not leave the Owl Practice system. Rest assured, your data is safe and secure with Owl and we work with you to help you achieve PHIPA and College information privacy compliance.

Does Owl work for multi-clinician (group) practices?

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Yes. Designed from Day 1 for multi-clinician practices, Owl is ready for your growing practice! Owl's rich Group Edition feature set includes a multi-clinician calendar, level-based fee schedule, tailored access by user type (Owners, Therapists, Office Admins), and data exports for accounting and periodic therapist payments. We have extensive experience helping large practices build efficiency into their operations using Owl. And if you’re a single practitioner looking to grow your business, it’s a seamless transition to upgrade to one of our Group Edition plans when you’re ready to do that.

Is customer support included in your monthly plans?

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Yes. All our plans are month-to-month, can be changed at any time (no contracts!), and include setup and on-going customer support. Ask our customers and they'll tell you that Owl support is outstanding. We're always available, friendly, and ready to help your practice grow. And feel free to ask us any practice-related questions you may have - we're happy to share the best practices we've learned from how to collect payments to structuring fee changes, negotiating a lease to year-end accounting. We're here to help you succeed in private practice!

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