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Practice Management Solution for Allied Health Professionals

Save time with Owl’s practice management software to help run your practice more efficiently and see more clients. Designed to help manage the workflow and administration for allied health professionals.

Everything You Need to Run a Practice

Manage all of your client data with our all-in-one practice management solution.

PHI & PIPEDA Compliant

Owl is built and designed to ensure compliance with provincial and federal regulations.

Integrated Payment System

Process credit cards with Stripe directly from your Owl account. Featuring a seamless integration and competitive processing rates.

Handwritten Notes

Supplement your session notes with handwritten notes through images and diagrams.

How We Can Help

We exist to empower allied health professionals by:


We enable you to spend less time managing your practice and more time serving your clients.


We help you run a smarter, more efficient, and profitable practice by streamlining workflows and maximizing performance insight.


We create a secure digital repository of everything associated with your practice using a proven and reliable platform.


We make the entire end-to-end experience of running a private practice simple, fast, and joyful!


If you have more questions about how Owl works, you can always reach out to us.
Owl Practice is a comprehensive web based practice management system. Owl includes a full set of features, including session scheduling, secure client data management, clinical progress notes, sophisticated invoicing, group sessions, accounting integration and more! We are designed to be scalable, stable and secure to help your practice avoid being swamped with paperwork and administration.
If you have ever struggled to manage the initial paperwork of a new client, you know how valuable streamlining that process can be. Not only should the intake process be simple for you, it should also be straightforward for your clients. Owl’s Online Intake and Consent Forms empower you to create a customized digital intake process that is convenient, professional, and secure. Owl Forms are completed in Owl’s secure and PHIPA compliant Client Portal, so you can rest assured that they are protected under the same security measures.
Owl Practice’s Multiple Locations feature gives practices the ability to configure multiple office spaces under one practice name. If your practice hosts multiple office locations, for example you have a Downtown office and an Uptown office, each of them can be configured within your Owl instance with their own unique addresses and details. Clinics can use the Multiple Locations feature to support therapists working out of different office locations, allowing them to schedule sessions for their clients at the appropriate practice location based on their schedule and availability.
Owl Practice has all the tools you will need to manage client billing successfully. You can use Owl to invoice for sessions and non-session charges, manage outstanding client balances, and record payment.

More Owl Practice Features

Complete Client Profile

Create client profiles to store contact information, financial statements, documents, and session notes.

Handwritten Notes

Create notes written with a stylus to any Session or Non-Session Note in your practice.

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging empowers therapists to message with their clients via a secure, PHIPA, and college compliant portal.

Circle of Care

Manage family and couples sessions with ease, and track extended contacts.

Online Appointment

Let your clients book and manage their own appointments from your website.

Secure Client Data Management

Use Owl to manage all client contact details, clinical notes, to-do’s, and billing details.

Canadian Data in Canadian Servers

Your data is stored on servers in Canada to comply with PHIPA and College compliance.

Online Intake & Consent Forms

Transform your intake process to be paperless, convenient, and secure.

See How Owl Can Help Allied Health Professionals Thrive

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