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Do you run a speech-language therapy clinic?

Therapy comes in all shapes and sizes. While we often focus on what Owl Practice can do for mental health practices, our services aren’t limited to that field alone! The variety of practice management features offered by Owl can be adapted by just about any kind of therapy clinic, including those that focus on helping people with speech-language issues.

What Does a Speech-Language Pathologist Do?

So many of us take for granted our ability to communicate through speech, but could you imagine what it would be like if that were stripped from us? Unfortunately, for many people across Canada, that is their reality.

Speech-language pathologists focus on helping people–often children–who have difficulties with verbal language for various reasons. For example, they could be dealing with language delays, fluency disorders, swallowing issues, and/or cognitive-communicative disorders, among other things.

While many speech-language pathologists focus on work with kids, the field goes far beyond that. For example, people who have suffered from a stroke often require the aid of a speech-language pathologist to recover their ability to speak. Stroke symptoms such as aphasia, dysarthria, or apraxia of speech can impair communications, and rehabilitation can be a challenging journey.

How Owl Practice Can Help

We believe Owl Practice is the most feature-complete practice management solution in Canada, and not just for mental health professionals!

Our booking, invoicing, clinical notes, and security features make us a perfect match for speech-language pathologists looking for a comprehensive way to manage their practice that is fully CASLPO compliant.

As speech-language pathologists often work with children, building strong relationships with parents or guardians can be crucial. Our Circle of Care system keeps all of your clients’ essential information in their profiles, including contact information and personal relationships. This profile structure enables you to rapidly access information when necessary. This is especially important if you require contact with a clients’ general practitioner or parents.

You can also store all of your vocal exercises, speech-agility drills, and other clinical tools in our system with unlimited storage. You can then attach these drills to your clinical notes or send them directly to your clients through the Owl Practice messenger system.

What About Video Therapy?

Video therapy has been a game-changer for those in the medical profession over the last few years. Ever since the pandemic began, clinics offering a video therapy option have opened the doors for many new clients who were previously unable to access help.

Imagine that you have a child and you live in a small town or rural area that doesn’t benefit from the services of a speech-language pathologist. In that case, video therapy can give your child access to a world of support that would have been unavailable just a few years ago! This is just one of many reasons why a client or their family may prefer video therapy over an in-person appointment.

Video therapy also safeguards your practice against potential lockdowns in the future. Though most medical-related businesses tend to remain open with restrictions, who knows what the future will bring? Offering video therapy as a service will allow you to rapidly switch in-person appointments over to virtual sessions, keeping you in contact with the people who need your help.

Speech-language pathologists are often looking for a flexible practice management solution that offers them everything they need to run their practice. Over the last few years, we’ve built Owl into an ideal solution for practices of all kinds!

To see what Owl Practice has to offer speech-language pathologists, we invite you to sign up for a 14-day free trial to see if our features are a good fit with your practice! And if you have any other questions about our intake form features or comments about our services, please get in touch with us at

As Always,

Practice Wisely

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