How to Improve Billing Efficiency

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Have you ever made a mistake when invoicing a client?

When someone comes to a mental health professional for therapy, the last thing they want is to deal with is a billing mixup. Not only do these errors complicate your books, but they also create customer support issues with lots of backtracking to make things right. If you don’t have a secure and efficient billing solution in place, mistakes can occasionally happen, no matter how careful you are.

At Owl Practice, we have designed the easiest and most efficient billing system available for private practices today. It’s the result of years’ worth of consultations with mental health professionals and practices across Canada, figuring out how we can offer them a perfect mix of features and ease of use for their unique needs.

Here are some of the billing features that we offer at Owl Practice to help streamline managing your practice:

Automatic Invoices

With our system, we tie invoicing to marking attendance. That means the second your client makes it to their session, we automatically create an invoice for them. Once they pay, you can create and send a receipt to them with just a few easy clicks. Almost the entire process is automated so you don’t need to worry about making any mistakes!

Custom Data Exports

Whether you handle your taxes yourself or turn your records over to an accountant, tax time is always tedious.

Fortunately, it’s much easier when your business’s invoicing and billing records are kept in one place. With Owl Practice, our custom data exports will guarantee that you can get the information you or your tax professional needs to take care of your taxes stress-free.

Improved Billing for Families and Couples

Not all therapy sessions are one-on-one. If you work with families or couples, billing can get complicated. You need to produce a single invoice, but who do you hand it to?

Owl Practice stores that necessary information in our Circle of Care system, so the invoice is automatically created for the right person every time. You don’t need to ask any questions regarding who is paying for the session, because the correct individual will get the invoice before you can lift a finger.

Integrated Payments

Further streamlining the billing system, you can use Owl Practice to process your clients’ credit cards using Stripe directly from your account! As Stripe is a secure PCI Hosting Provider, you can process all payments in a PCI-compliant manner.

Sliding Fee Scales

Not everyone can afford therapy, which is why many therapists and other mental health professionals offer a sliding fee for their services. However, this can make billing a little more complicated.

If you have any clients on a sliding fee, Owl Practice can automatically keep track of what they’re charged per session, including what they’re charged based on the session’s duration. That way, your clients’ invoices will always reflect what they expect, eliminating the potential for mistakes or awkward conversations.

While there are many advantages of using Owl Practice’s billing system, the big one is that everything you need for billing is baked right into our platform! You don’t need to go to a different website or install a plugin to bill your customers. Instead, you can email or print off emails from within your Owl Practice Dashboard.

And this single platform solution extends further than just invoicing. Need to manage your schedule? Everything you need is right there! Your clinical records, client information, and messaging systems are there too!

If you’d like to learn more about how Owl Practice can streamline your billing and make the process much more efficient, we invite you to sign up for a 14-day free trial! If you have any other questions or comments about our services, please contact us at

As Always,

Practice Wisely

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