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Do you realize that we’re living in the future right now?

Think about it. Smartphones? Limitless computer and internet connectivity? Electric cars? Modern medical advances? All checkmarks! The only reason we don’t feel like we are living in a futuristic world is that everything has changed so gradually. But when you think about it, the world is a very different place than it was even in 2010.

The world of mental health has also been moving into the future. For many practices, actual physical paperwork is a thing of the past as they’ve embraced a paperless workplace. Instead, all client information is stored securely online.

But the biggest change in mental health services in the last few years has been the rise of video therapy. Does your practice offer it? And if not, why not?

The Rise of Video Therapy

Let’s cut to the chase: Video therapy became so important in the last few years because of the pandemic.

Back when everything was closed due to lockdowns, mental health practices all across the country needed to cancel appointments that their clients had previously booked. At a time when mental health care was probably most desperately needed, it was out of reach for almost everyone.

And so, some mental health professionals started reaching out to their clients using online video platforms like Zoom and Skype. But here was the problem: these platforms were not secure. In the earliest days of the pandemic, you’d hear stories about random people popping into private online conferences. That’s bad enough when you’re holding a business meeting, but when you’re having a confidential mental health session, it’s absolutely unacceptable.

Owl Practice Was Ready

While all this was happening, Owl Practice was already in the process of implementing our own Video Therapy services! And like all of our practice management services, this feature was explicitly designed with therapy in mind.

That means our Video Therapy platform is protected in ways that other video conference services are not. We run everything through our Canadian-based servers. All information is fully protected by Canadian privacy laws and protected with bank-level encryption. In other words, you and your clients can rest assured that anything you speak about on Owl Practice Video Therapy will only be between the two of you.

You also don’t need any special equipment to access Video Therapy as the feature is device agnostic. You and your clients can access it on any iOS, Android, or Windows platform. All you need is a solid internet connection, and you’re all set!

The Importance of Video Therapy

While most mental health practices have reopened and in-person appointments have resumed, that doesn’t mean video therapy is any less critical.

Many mental health professionals realized during the pandemic that there were so many people out there who needed mental health assistance, but to whom such services were inaccessible. There is a variety of reasons why mental health treatment could be out of someone’s reach; they might live in a remote area without easy access to mental health services, they could have mobility issues that make getting to an in-person appointment difficult, or they could suffer from high levels of anxiety that prevents them from leaving their home.

Whatever the reason, Video Therapy provided these people with a new level of access to mental health services. All they needed to do was book an appointment, and they could have their session over a secure video chat.

While it seems most mental health professionals and clients prefer in-person appointments, being able to provide an additional option has gone from a nice “feature” to an essential service for many. Video Therapy isn’t a mental health fad… it’s the future!

If you haven’t offered your clients an option for Video Therapy yet, you might be surprised by how many of them would love to try it! We don’t know what the future will hold, so providing Video Therapy as a service will not only futurize your practice but also protect it from the unexpected.

To see what else Owl Practice has to offer, we invite you to sign up for a 14-day free trial to see if we’re a good fit with your practice. And if you have any other questions about our intake form features or comments about our services, please get in touch with us at

As Always,

Practice Wisely

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