Redefining “Normal” – Why Video Therapy Is Here to Stay

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Have you put thought into what the phrase “the new normal” really means?

Every industry worldwide experienced big changes this past year and a half and many people just want everything to return to “normal.” But here’s the thing: even with vaccinations rolling out and the reopening of businesses, fully going back to the way things were done in pre-pandemic times isn’t likely to happen. In fact, we’d wager that things may actually improve in several ways!

From the rise in working from home to the boom in teleconferencing, people have been realizing the benefits of doing things remotely, cutting down on commute times and travel costs, while upping their level of comfort.

Along those same lines, teletherapy has also been a huge hit throughout the pandemic! Here are some reasons why many mental health professionals are celebrating video therapy and why it won’t be going away any time soon:


When we first launched our Video Therapy services in 2020, it was out of necessity.

Private practices were closed across the country due to lockdowns, putting both therapists and their clients in difficult positions. There was simply no way to have safe sessions early on in the pandemic.

All of that changed with video therapy. All of a sudden, practices could reopen “virtually” allowing for sessions to resume.

Today, with private practices open once again, things are fortunately a bit different, but that doesn’t mean video therapy is any less useful. It’s been so convenient for clients that demand for these services has actually grown! Rather than needing to head into your practice, your clients can simply have their session sitting down on their couch at home. That’s fantastic, especially for group family sessions or couples therapy.

Great for Avoiding Missed Appointments

Looking at the clock and realizing that you’re running late is a terrible feeling. It happens to the best of us, including many who have appointments for mental health sessions.

Missed and shortened appointments can be a financial drain on your practice. Fortunately, video therapy gives you a way to avoid that. If a client is running late, traffic is bad, or a session slips a client’s mind, you can always rely on video therapy as an effective backup.

All your client needs to do is log into your online Owl Practice portal, and they can join you in a secure video session. No need to install any intrusive software. They just click on the link, and they’re speaking with you. Suddenly, a potential missed appointment becomes a productive session, all thanks to Video Therapy!


Travel can be a challenge for many people. If someone has a physical disability or simple anxiety, leaving their home for an appointment might be overwhelmingly complex.

But with video therapy, those difficulties are things of the past. Rather than a therapy session taking up a client’s entire day, using vast amounts of their energy and time to get to the physical location, they can have their session in the comfort of their home using video therapy. That’s a game-changer!

Not only does utilizing video therapy mean less travel, but it also means that your client will be in a better headspace for the actual session. Video therapy has made mental health services more accessible to many people who weren’t able to access them before. That has been one of the few silver linings of the pandemic celebrated by therapists and clients alike!

We’re Not Finished!

With Owl Practice Video Therapy, we set out to create something that fits effortlessly into your already-existing practice and workflow. Not only is video therapy fully integrated into our system, but using it is as simple as picking up any device and logging into Owl Practice. Whether you or your clients are using a phone, tablet, or computer, they can access Owl Practice in just a few clicks!

Our video therapy is also covered by our unparalleled security. We offer the only fully PHI and College-Compliant video conference platform in Canada. With Owl’s Video Therapy, you don’t need to be worried about uninvited strangers popping into a video session! Plus, everything goes through our Canadian servers, so you can rest assured that Canadian privacy laws protect all of your data.

But here is the big thing: we aren’t finished yet with video therapy! We’re always listening to the demands of mental health professionals across the country, working to provide them with the best practice management solution possible. We’re continuously working on new features, better practice integration, and much more.

When working with Owl Practice, you’re partnering with a company that will never stop developing the best practice management solution in the country! And that includes our Video Therapy services—as we said, they aren’t going anywhere!

If you’d like to learn more about how Owl Practice can keep you in contact with your clients, we invite you to sign up for a 14-day free trial! If you have any other questions or comments about our services, please contact us at

As Always,

Practice Wisely


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