2019 Business Trends Report

We’ve worked with thousands of Canadian practitioners to improve their business practices, enabling them to grow their client lists and revenue. Now, we want to bring all of that expertise to you.

This report analyzes 2019 trends for Canadian practitioners. By understanding where you spend your time, you can identify business practices that can be made more efficient.

More Owl Practice Features

Complete Client Profile

Create client profiles to store contact information, financial statements, documents, and session notes.

Handwritten Notes

Create notes written with a stylus to any Session or Non- Session Note in your practice.

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging empowers therapists to message with their clients via a secure, PHIPA, and college compliant portal.

Circle of Care

Manage family and couples sessions with ease, and track extended contacts.

Online Appointment

Let your clients book and manage their own appointments from your website.

Secure Client Data

Use Owl to manage all client contact details, clinical notes, to-do’s, and billing details.

Canadian Data in
Canadian Servers

Your data is stored on servers in Canada to comply with PHIPA and College compliance.

Online Intake &
Consent Forms

Transform your intake process to be paperless, convenient, and secure.

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