Security & Compliance

Ensure your practice is secure and complies with provincial and federal regulations and College requirements.

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Ensure Your Practice Data is Safe & Secure

Security is our top priority. We take all the necessary steps to ensure your practice data is always safe and secure.

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Canadian Data in Canadian Servers

To comply with PHIPA and College requirements, we store all data on Canadian servers. Our servers are located in Toronto and Montreal so you can confident knowing where your practice data is stored.

We Own Our Servers

We’re the only solution provider in Canada to own, not rent, the physical hardware (servers, hard drives) that your practice data is stored on. In our opinion, this is the only way to ensure full PHI and College compliance, and it’s something we’ve done since Day 1.

Unique Login Pages

Each Owl account has its own segregated database, accessible only from a customized, account-specific URL. There is no way to login to an Owl account from the Owl website, and these login pages are not searchable on Google, for security reasons.

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Data Encryption

At Owl, we use bank-level encryption (SSL) to encrypt all data that moves between our secure and dedicated servers and the device and browser on which a clinician accesses their Owl Practice account.

Data Loss Protection

With Owl, your data is continuously backed up, both across Owl’s servers and in multiple locations, so you never need to worry about losing practice data. There’s no need for finicky backup hard-drives or difficult recoveries.

Password Protected & Encrypted PDFs

Password protect and encrypt any financial documents that you send to clients from Owl via email, ensuring that the documents you send are secured.

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Ensure Your Practice is Compliant

We built Owl to ensure therapists stay compliant with provincial regulations and College requirements. Learn about how Owl helps you achieve compliance in your province.


Compliance with Federal Privacy Laws (PIPEDA)

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Compliance with Provincial Privacy Law

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Compliance with Privacy Laws in Alberta (PIPA)

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British Columbia

Compliance with Privacy Laws in British Columbia (PIPA)

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Compliance with Privacy Laws in Manitoba (PHIA)

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New Brunswick

Compliance with Privacy Laws in New Brunswick (PHIPAA)

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Newfoundland & Labrador

Compliance with Privacy Laws in Newfoundland & Labrador (PHIA)

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Northwest Territories

Compliance with Privacy Laws in the Northwest Territories (HIA)

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Nova Scotia

Compliance with Privacy Laws in Nova Scotia (PHIA)

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Compliance with Privacy Laws in Nunavut

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Compliance with Privacy Laws in Ontario (PHIPA)

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Prince Edward Island

Compliance with Privacy Laws in Prince Edward Island

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Compliance with Privacy Laws in Québec (APPIPS)

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Compliance with Privacy Laws in Saskatchewan (HIPA)

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Compliance with Privacy Laws in Yukon (HIPMA)

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“I'm not sure how I managed the admin end of my practice before Owl! I’ve been so impressed with your customer service, as well as ongoing upgrades and improvements based on feedback and suggestions.”

Valarie T.

Social Worker / Therapist

“I am finding Owl Practice indispensable. I don't know how I managed before I had it. And your service and responsiveness have been remarkable.”

Dr C.


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