Introducing our Student and New Grad Program!

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Is there any time more exciting and scary than leaving school and starting your career?

You’ve been a hard working student for a long time now, and the world should be your oyster. However, setting out on that career path can be tough. The reality is that sometimes people just need a little help to get started… Well we have some great news for students and new grads:

Owl Practice is happy to announce the launch of a special new program to help get students and new graduates started on their career path.

Program Details

  • Access to the Full-Time Solo Edition of Owl Practice with Online Booking (Value = $80 per month) for only $20 per month for six months. Savings of $360
  • Eligibility – Program participation must commence during a course of therapeutic study OR within 6 months of graduation
  • Offer expires after six months OR upon licensure, whichever comes first
  • Offer not available to licensed professionals

At Owl Practice, our goal is to make life easier for psychologists, social workers, and therapists, and that includes students and new grads. We already keep our prices incredibly competitive (only $80/month) so that small practices can afford our services. However, we also understand that for students and new graduates, the price can still be a bit steep. Even if you can greatly benefit from the Owl Practice tools, you might have trouble budgeting for it. Well, that’s changing right here and now.

As part of this new program, all current students or new grads can now benefit from the full-time solo edition of Owl Practice, with online booking included, for only $20 a month for six months. That’s a savings of over $360 and will put Owl Practice’s professional tools within financial reach of any student or new grad who is looking to become a professionally licensed mental health practitioner.


So, what can Owl Practice specifically offer a brand-new aspiring mental health professional, looking to make their mark? We provide you with professional recording, invoicing, and scheduling tools specifically designed for your field of work. We want you to have an edge and save you the headache of spreadsheets and record-keeping, so you can focus on your practice and their patients.

Cloud-Based Convenience

You can access Owl Practice from anywhere. The days when all notes and records of clients were stored at the office is long gone. Now, you can get access to your full database from your computer or mobile devices. We offer both iOS and Android apps, as well as complete compatibility with Safari, Chrome, and other Windows and Mac-based web browsers. Just log in and everything will be right at your fingers.

PHIPA Compliance

Owl Practice is 100% PHIPA compliant. Your data is protected on our Canadian-based servers, so you never have to worry about security or international privacy threats. That’s one less concern that you have to worry about as you launch your new practice.

Online Appointment Booking

If you’re starting to build a practice, save yourself the “old school” hassle and administrative headaches of booking clients. With Owl Practice, your clients can simply log into the system to book and manage their own appointments.

Database Management

With Owl Practice, you can easily build your client database through our secure client data management service. Here, you can compile all client contact details, clinical notes, to-do lists, and billing details, all in one place.


Why deal with annoying invoicing programs? We offer a full invoicing services tailored for mental health professionals. With this tool, you can send off invoices and keep an eye on who has paid and who is still pending through the balance owing tool.

More Benefits

These are just a few of the benefits that Owl Practice can offer you as a student or new grad embarking on your career. Click here to take a detailed look at what else Owl Practice can help you with. Click here to take a detailed look at what else Owl Practice can help you with.

To learn more about how Owl Practice can help make your post-post-secondary life just a little bit easier, you’re welcome to contact us for a free 14-day trial before starting with the student/grad deal. If you’re satisfied and want to continue working with Owl Practice, you simply sign up for the offer and you’ll be good to go at $20 a month for six months. Easy as that.

Get Started

Launching your career isn’t easy. We’ve all been there, but we also recognize that it’s more challenging today than ever before. With this program, we hope that can help give you some tools that will make it a little easier to get your feet under you to get started in your practice as a mental health professional.

As always,
Practice Wisely

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