NEW: Secure Messaging

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We all benefit from tools designed to improve communication, and businesses are reliant on digital communication tools to complete their day to day operations. Be it email or instant messenger, it’s important to consider more than the potential convenience of these tools; are they also compliant with PHI and college regulations?

When we develop new features at Owl, we consider two primary factors:

  1. How can this improve the day-to-day of running a private practice?
  2. How can this improve compliance and security for our customers?

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Secure Messaging, a tool designed to improve your communications and compliance simultaneously.

Secure Messaging offers clinics a secure, PHI-compliant method of two-way communication within Owl Practice. Secure Messaging can be used to have chat style communication with clients, or internally to have chat style communication with colleagues and staff members.

Keep in mind that the intention of this feature is not to be a total email replacement. Clinics and clients can continue to use their existing email services to send communications to one another; Owl Practice is simply providing an additional, more secure, means of communication. Because all communications are hosted on the Owl Practice servers and abide by Owl’s strict security policies (more on that here), clinics can rest assured knowing that their communication data is protected and secure.

Secure Messaging can be enabled for the practice or disabled should the practice decide not to use it. Only clinics that have Owl’s Client Portal for Online Booking and Intake & Consent Forms are able to use Secure Messaging with their clients. If the practice has not yet upgraded to the Client Portal, the practice will only be able to use Secure Messaging internally with staff.

Potential Use Cases

There are three ways you can use Secure Messaging:

  1. Internally — for group practices or solo practices with administrative staff.
  2. Clients — for solo or group practices with the Client Portal, to communicate directly with clients.
  3. TherapyOwl — link your TherapyOwl listing to your Secure Messaging so clients can contact you directly. Create your free TherapyOwl listing here.

If you do not yet have the Client Portal enabled for your account, please review our pricing page here and contact us to upgrade your monthly subscription.


Please use the following articles and video tutorial to learn to use Secure Messaging.

  1. Secure Messaging Quick Start Guide
  2. Video Series
    1. Getting Started & Navigation
    2. Office & Client Conversations

As always, contact the team at with any questions. We can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Practice Wisely,

The Owl Team.

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