NEW: Gender Identity, Advanced Search, and More!

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Hi there,

We appreciate all of the great feedback Owl users send us, and we are constantly adding new features based on the ideas you dream up. All of these features have been carefully thought out and planned to have the greatest impact on our users, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts about them!

Here’s what we built for you this month:

  • Custom gender fields.
  • Online intake and consent forms.
  • Advanced search.
  • Custom calendar day view.
  • Custom calendar intervals.
  • More visible personal sessions for Group users.
  • 96 hour reminder period.

Custom Gender Fields

We want to start with a big thank you to all of the users who helped us make these intake fields more accurate.

The Contact & Clinical area now has a blank Gender Identity field instead of a dropdown of suggested identities. This empowers you to document your clients’ gender identities and preferred pronouns in Owl.

You will see this in your Add Client window moving forward, but we also encourage you to hop into the Contact & Clinical area to update any existing clients.

Online Intake and Consent Forms

The latest major launch to Owl is our Online Intake and Consent Forms.

If you have ever struggled to manage your intake paperwork, this feature was made for you. You can design custom intake forms, send them to clients directly from Owl, and monitor client progress directly from the client profile. For now, these are designed solely for consent and intake forms.

Learn more about Owl Forms here.

Advanced Search

If you have a large client list, you know how important it is to quickly find client information. We started by searching through your requests for types of search fields, and then revamped the entire tool.

Before this update you could only search by client name. Now, you can search for any of the data in the image below.

Hide Days on the Calendar

You can now “hide” certain days of the week from your Owl Calendar view, so you have more room on your screen to view your sessions.

You can also change your Calendar Interval views, or your session slots. The default is 15 minutes, but you can set your Calendar Intervals to 30, 45, or 60 minutes. If you work long days this lets you to see more of your sessions without scrolling.

More Visible Personal Sessions for Group Users

Group Edition personal sessions used to be displayed on the Calendar in the same colour as the therapist’s client sessions.

We’ve updated this to include a white bar at the top of each personal session, so you can easily differentiate between client and personal sessions.

96 Hour Reminder Period

Practices who have longer cancellation policies can now set appointment reminders to go out 96 hours before sessions.

Owl Pro Tips

We want to pass along a few browser and security tips your way to make sure you are getting the most out of your Owl experience:

  • Google Chrome and Safari
    • We highly recommend using Google Chrome or Safari to access Owl and ensuring they are fully updated. These are the most secure browsers available. 
  • Internet Explorer
    • Internet Explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft. If you are currently using this as your primary browser, we advise switching to Google Chrome or Safari to ensure your client information is protected and secure, and you have an optimal experience using the internet. When a browser is no longer supported, it means that no security updates will be available.
  • Remove Browser Extensions
    • We highly recommend removing any browser extensions or plug ins when you are using Owl. Browser extensions, such as common spell checker ones, can access and read any data you input into your web browser. As such, in order to protect your clients’ confidential data it is best to not use any browser extensions.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback! Please email us here with your thoughts.

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