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What You Can Accomplish With Owl

Do you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? As a mental health practitioner, your time is precious. Every minute you spend on administrative tasks is time you could be spending on building your practice and taking care of your clients. But

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Time Management Tips – Enjoy More Time Off This Summer

You can always feel the excitement in the air at the end of the spring; people can’t wait to head outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, summer is going to be a little different this year due to physical distancing rules, but there are

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Start Saving 12 Hours a Month Now

If you streamlined the way you manage your private practice, how much time do you think you could save? We’ve collected data from mental health practitioners across Canada and the results have been a revelation! Client feedback and hard data is key to us at

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Keeping Mindful During the Time of Coronavirus

It’s stunning how fast things can change. Just a few weeks ago, we were reading the news about a new virus on the other side of the world. Full-fledged hospitals were being constructed in mere days to handle the incoming patients. It was scary, but

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FAQ: Owl’s Clinical Measures Feature

Have you tried our new Clinical Measures feature yet? We strive every day to make it easier for you to run your practice. While Owl Practice started as one of the most fully-featured practice management systems available, we’re continuing to get even better! One feature

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How to Improve Your Digital Compliance with Owl

As a mental health professional, do you have security on your mind? If you run your own mental health practice, then digital security needs to be a significant focus of your business. Every day, your clients are sharing the details of their private lives and

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